Double the impact of your intranet.

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Amazing Design

Our product is built around your users. Bringing lots of enhancements to SharePoint and (finally) clarity on the confusing Office 365 toolset.

Easily extendible

With Debble Create you easily add astonishing custom templates. We're getting close with our products but still, one size does not always fit all.

Social by design

Connect your users wherever they are with mobile ready social features built into the platform. Everybody has a voice, let's hear it!

Real SaaS solutions

Our team provides regular updates with improvements, new features and that follow Microsoft's changes. And of course, support is included!


Office 365 and SharePoint solutions, ready to go.

  • social intranet

    Debble Workplace is your internal communications and collaboration tool pack. Every modern intranet feature is there, and then some...

  • Ideation

    Drive innovation by empowering your business to share and develop their great ideas.

  • Create

    One size does not always fit all. Create astonishing customer templates and add them to your Workplace.

  • Editor

    Producing lots of content? Get grip on the creation and management of all your company's content.


This workplace is just for you, so you can excel at your work. That is why the platform is personalized around you.


Engage in social conversations, answers questions, help your co-workers. Just like you are used to on social media.


Elevate your teams to a higher level by connecting them like never before. Collaboration is the key to succes.


Mobile is the new normal. Debble Workplace is fully responsive and integrates seamless with Microsoft's native apps.

Rapid Deployment

Installation and configuration is quick and easy. Deploy your Workplace in weeks instead of months.

Happy Users

We promise you an exceptional user experience. With lots of neat UX stuff to encourage usage of your workplace.

All intranet features are there, and then some...

Slick and responsive design

In this mobile age, your users become more mobile every day. Bringing their own devices, logging in from anywhere at any time. We believe that all users should be supported in the best possible way.

Social Intranet Responsive Debble