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Collaborate with co-workers in a team

Collaboration has become an important part of the intranet nowadays. In the Debble platform we integrate the possibility to collaborate with colleagues in different ways. One of the options is to collaborate with colleagues from your department on a department page. Here you can work together on documents that are not finished yet. For example, all marketing staff can work together on reference cases, whitepapers and presentations. When the documents are finished, they can be automatically published to the organization page of the marketing department where colleagues from other departments can also consult the final documents. You can find more about cooperation and document management on the document management page.

intranet collaboration co-workers
Intranet collaboration community

Collaborate in communities

Of course there are also situations where you want to work with colleagues outside your department. This can be done in communities. Depending on the rights that your users give, they can create a community themselves or request one through a certain process. Communities are there to collaborate with colleagues from other departments or business units. For example, to form a project group, innovation team or knowledge center.

Work on the same document

Standard Office 365 functionalities are fully integrated in the Debble platform. This allows you to easily use all the functionalities that Microsoft offers. One of these functionalities is working together on documents with colleagues at the same time. This can be stored as documents on OneDrive or on the intranet in SharePoint. So you never have to send documents and versions back and forth, but you always work on one document.

Intranet collaboration on documents
Intranet collaboration microsoft teams

Work in Microsoft Teams

Of course you can use Microsoft Teams in Debble. With Teams, Microsoft made working together and made self-service very easy. Users can create a collaborative environment themselves and invite colleagues. Of course, in this case it is important that rules and guidelines are drawn up so that there is no overload of environments that are not used. To help users on the road, we offer a set of templates and a link to the Debble intranet in the Debble platform so that all documents used in Teams can also be found on the intranet. This is so easy for end users.

Innovate and collaborate on ideas

With the Ideation add-on you really get the best ideas from employees in your company. With this add-on, employees can place ideas, ask questions and then collaborate on an idea so that innovation really gets off the ground. The platform gives companies the opportunity to further develop ideas together with users.

intranet collaboration ideas

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