Mobilize your greatest asset by connecting people like never before

Who is who, that is the question

Find co-workers on every piece of information that we have on them. Of course, just looking from a person from the Marketing Department is easy. But also finding people on their skill set, geographical distance and former projects create a very valuable situation.

Intranet colleagues overview
Intranet colleagues skills

Promoting skills and making it easier to add them

Adding skills to a profile is always a hard one to get going. With the intelligent Debble Skills App, you leverage the machine learning capabilities in Office 365. Find skills, add skills, manage skills. From your personal frontpage.

Identify, communicate, collaborate

Just finding co-workers is nice. Being able to reach out them in a heartbeat is even better. Debble integrates all communication tools from Office 365 like Skype for Business, Yammer, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups. Make your company feel smaller again and connect your workforce.


Intranet colleagues skype
Intranet job vacancies

Vacancies and jobs

Looking to find new colleagues? The vacancy template of the intranet is essential. Did you know most of the vacancies are filled via applications or referrals from current employees? All open positions in the integrate vacancy board are also published on the associated Department and Location Site.

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