Communicate with your users in the best and most intuitive way possible.

News publishing throughout the company

Create news on a local level and publish it to specific groups, a country, a department or the entire organization. You are in charge of which news is on the frontpage. In this way, your users will be able to share their knowledge and you will be able to publish organizational news that is really important for everyone to see. With the different news publishing options you stay relevant for your users.

Intranet communication news
Intranet communication news edit

Create content super easy, even in SharePoint

No more extensive trainings on how to create a news item. With Debble you can create news super easy. Just click on 'new article' add your title, text, tags, publishing date and image and we will make sure your news article looks absolutely fabulous! Click on 'publish' and your article is ready to go.

Content targeting to bring relevance to your audience

Specific and personal news gets to a whole new level with the possibility to target news to specific groups. Besides targeting news to the frontpage of different countries you can target specific audiences such as the Sales department or a certain Business Unit. This means users who are a member of the group you targeted see this news on their front page but other users won't. By doing this you make sure your portal is super relevant for each user.  

Intranet communication target audience
Intranet communication yammer

Yammer as a communication tool

Yammer is a powerful tool to share short messages and updates. We hear from our customers that earlier Yammer implementations failed and they are afraid it will happen again. But don't worry. Our customers started to love Yammer because it is integrated in the Debble platform. Users understand how to use it and because it's right there on the frontpage, instead of a seperate tool, it becomes super easy to share a short update. 

Company information in the palm your hand

In this mobile era, your communication channels of course include a mobile channel. With the Debble Mobile App for Android and iOS you reach your audience wherever they are. Use push notifications on important news to gain attraction and keep your mobile workforce engaged.

Intranet communication mobile news
Intranet communication content manager

Manage your content on a central level

Especially for large organizations managing content can give you a headache. With the Debble Intranet Manager we can make your life so much easier. You can create, schedule, manage and analyze your content in one tool. This gives intranet managers the opportunity to focus on improving and creating content instead of compiling lists to keep track of everything. 

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