Innovate by getting the best ideas out of your greatest asset: your people.

Challenge your people to innovate

Don't underestimate the creativity of people. You will be amazed what great ideas live in the minds of your people. All you have to do is give them a platform where they can share and develop their ideas. A digital idea box so to speak. With Debble, users can share there ideas and even create their very own digital workplace for it.

Intranet innovation create idea
Intranet innovation ideation

Engage users by creating challenges

Got something that needs input from a crowd? Create a challenge around a specific topic and have people enter their suggestions for it in seconds. Highlight your challenge throughout the platform, gain traction and pick the best suggestion to develop. For your top picks, your create an idea site to work together on, automated of course.

Collaborate on ideas

Debble Ideation is more than just an idea box. For every idea that is out there, a collaboration site is created. Here you can upload document, images, links, work on tasks. Joining a team is very easily, just hit the button "join" and you're part of the team! Of course, we integrate Yammer to support social conversations on the topic at hand.

Intranet innovation collaboration
Intranet innovation manage ideas

Manage ideas

To keep everything a bit organized, you connect Ideas and Challenges to a Category. The categories are configurable to fit your company. It is possible to add extra filter options and relevant metadata. Ideas also have different statuses, starting with New. The statuses are configurable as well so we can adjust them to your internal innovation program.

In other words, this is not just a generic ideation platform but one that fits your company like a glove.

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