Share knowledge with co-workers and collect it in the platform.

Create communities for knowledge topics

If communication and documents are a priority in the modern intranet we certainly can’t forget knowledge. This is a critical aspect in a social intranet because employees can use this and organizations can grow. But in order to be able to share knowledge you need to collect it first. You can do this by collecting documents, people, links and news around a topic.

Intranet knowledge community
Intranet knowledge blog

Share knowledge with blogs

Blogging is a great way to share knowledge with co-workers. With the ability to post blogs it becomes super easy to write a post about a certain topic. With the blog app on the front page you can collect all blog posts and simply ready them from the front page.

Collect knowledge with information pages

Information pages are a functionality recently brought to our current customers in a Debble update. This functionality is an important step in the product development. With this functionality all information around a certain topic can be collected. Especially for large organizations with a lot of knowledge this is an important feature. Information pages have some intelligence built in that allows you to show related documents that exist somewhere in your intranet by applying tags to the page and to your documents.

Intranet knowledge information
Intranet knowledge yammer

Ask your co-workers anything via Yammer

Yammer is a very simple way to share knowledge. Because it’s tightly integrated in the platform employees use it a lot. They ask their colleagues simple questions about topics they are working on.

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