Improve usage by leveraging a user based and relevant intranet. 

Your own branding and structure

We almost didn’t want mention this topic because it’s a super standard functionality. Of course you Debble is designed in your own look and feel. Apply your company’s branding with logo, fonts and colors. But that’s not everything. Also use your company’s structure and integrations with other systems. Would you like to know what Debble looks like in your branding? Just request a free design.

Intranet personal branding and structure
Intranet personal homepage

Personal homepage

The homepage of Debble is not just personal for your company in terms of look and feel. The entire intranet is user based. A lot of personalization options are on the homepage. On the homepage users can see the news of pages they follow, news which is targeted to them, their personal Yammer feed and their latest documents. With the flexible widgetzone users can decide which information is on there. They can choose from one of the standard ‘apps’ but companies can also add their own.

Personal and targeted news

Especially large organizations have a lot of news. Some news is relevant for every employee in the organization but most news is not. To keep every employee engaged with your intranet we created a feature which is called targeted news. With this option you can target news to specific audiences, even if they don’t follow that specific page. For example if you target an article for Sales and Marketing, employees of these departments will see the news on the homepage where all the organizational news is published and a colleague from HR won’t.

Intranet personal news

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