The digital workplace in Office 365 and SharePoint

Debble is your digital workplace in Office 365. It includes every modern intranet and collaboratoin feature, plus more! Extend your intranet with templates and build your digital workplace.


Manage corporate and local communications effectively and intuitively with Debble.

Team Collaboration

Within Debble, teams and colleagues can collaborate on daily tasks and long term projects.


Find colleagues, wherever they are and connect with them in the way you choose.


A modern intranet supports the creation, management and findability of documents.

Your apps

Connect to your applications and business information straight from your intranet.

Social Intranet

Improve social communication and collaboration with a social intranet. Foster employee engagement.


Access your intranet on any device, where ever you are. Debble is 100% mobile.


Collect the best ideas from your workforce and capture the best innovations.


Start with an intranet and expand your Workplace with Debble templates.

Search and find

Find relevant information and documents through one simple search.


Share knowledge with co-workers and collect it in the platform. 


Drive user engagement by suggesting relevant internal content on a modern intranet.

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