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Find relevant information and documents through one simple search.

Information is brought to you

Relevant content and documents will be brought to you with Delve. This standard Office 365 feature searches for documents people around you collaborated on and brings them to you. Of course users can only see documents they have the right to see.

Intranet search find documents
Intranet search

Finding documents

Documents are a very important aspect of the modern intranet. It is important all the information in the documents can be found at any time. Even when your intranet has a very clear structure finding documents through search can be faster than going to the location where you think the document is stored. Therefore we auto tag metadata and help you with the configuration of Search. All of this to help you find documents super easy.

The news archive, tags and search

News is all over the intranet. It can be published from departments, from locations and from communities. There are many sources but there also is a central place all news (a user have the rights to see) can be found. The news archive is a depository where this is stored. It can also be searched and linked to other content using tags.

Intranet news overview
Intranet search find colleagues

Find colleagues

Searching for a co-worker is easy. Find your colleagues via the search box or by choosing a department, skill, location or function. Colleagues around you will also be brought to you via Delve.

Intelligent information pages

Information pages are a functionality recently brought to our current customers in a Debble update. This functionality is an important step in the product development. With this functionality all information around a certain topic can be collected. Especially for large organizations with a lot of knowledge this is an important feature. Information pages have some intelligence built in that allows you to show related documents that exist somewhere in your intranet by applying tags to the page and to your documents.

Intranet find information

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