Social Intranet

Social Intranet is not just about comments and likes. It helps you, your team and your organization to achieve more.

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What is a social intranet actually?

The answer to this question is as simple as it is hard. A social intranet can be summarized in one word: together. Social is about connecting people, processes and success. An open platform allows your company to achieve this and to thrive. Think about it. Social is so much more than comments and likes. Experience the power of a network and thrive.

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Social Intranet as a collaboration platform

With Debble every user is able to start workspaces, share with co-workers and create value. Whatever they are working on, we stimulate to work on stuff together. That is the key. An open platform allows for users to create sites, pages, content, knowledge, documents, ideas and so much more. This is what a social intranet is really about. 

Intranet social create workplaces
Intranet social yammer

The power of Yammer for your social intranet

Yammer is a great social platform with just one big flaw: it is an isolated silo with little added value to your daily work. That is why we integrate in the Debble platform, giving it a context and relevance. Making is very clear what the purpose is. An open, one-to-many or many-to-many communication platform for low level but interesting messages that really adds value to your social intranet.

Connect your social intranet to Microsoft Teams and Groups

Social Collaboration is the next level. Microsoft is really pushing this way of working and hey, it's sticks. What is social about chatting? Well, you do it together. Debble connects all your different working environments such as sites, groups and teams and glues them together. 

Intranet social microsoft teams
Intranet social comment news

News in your social intranet: like and comment on news

With the ability to respond to news you can interact with employees. This is an indispensable part for your social intranet. When a news item is created, we automatically create a Yammer group in Debble that is integrated with the news article. In addition, the conversations that take place here are also shown on the home page. The far-reaching integration of news, reactions and likes in the intranet has a huge positive effect on the involvement of employees.

Praise your co-workers

Let colleagues know they are good at what they do and you appreciate them. With this standard Yammer functionality integrated in the Debble platform it becomes super easy to praise your co-workers.

Intranet social praise co-workers
Intranet social skype for business

Connect with colleagues via the Skype for Business integration in your social intranet

Get in touch with colleagues via Skype. A very simple way to ask a question without emailing. With the Skype integration in the Debble platform you can directly contact colleagues via your social intranet.

Social intranet for your organization? 

Let's find out how Debble can empower collaboration for your organization as a social intranet. Get in touch with us and we will contact you to schedule your very own demo! Are you ready to get Debbled?

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