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  • Franck van Diest

Blog - Intranet is dead? No F* way

We have heard a lot of talk about intranets being as dead as they can be. Well, we strongly disagree. Intranets are more alive and important than ever before.

It is just a fact that the intranet has outgrown its legacy contents and has evolved (or should be evolving!) into a comprehensive platform that boost employee productivity.

Short: the word intranet just has more meaning than before.

This is a tribute to the intranet

Or however you want to call your internal network. Let me explain what I mean. The word intranet contains of two words actually, “intra” and “net”. Intra literally means  “on the inside” and “net” is short for “network”. And let’s face it, that is what we need to help employees to achieve company goals. An internal network that boosts productivity, drives engagement and supports collaboration. Sure, communication is in there too.

Raise the bar

We need to raise the bar of our expectations from a modern intranet. It is no longer your typical, poorly visited newspaper. It is your go-to-platform to start your everyday work. It is a rollup of those pieces of information, tasks and knowledge that you need to get your job done in the best way possible.

This requires a broader vision on the near future. And you know what the cool thing is? Implementing an intranet is not hard at all! Actually, you can get if of the shelf, ready to go and bringing it to your business. It is great fun! And once you have done so, you can really focus on that what matters most: helping your employees to achieve more.

Journey towards your goal

In 9 out of 10 times, intranet requirements in de basic sense of the word are far from unique. You want sites for your Departments and Locations, a nice Colleagues overview to find co-workers, Social Features and of course a powerful news mechanism. This is not very different per company.
However, what actually is different for each company has got nothing to do with the above. Unique is your core process, your core business and your companies’ short- and long term strategy. What do you need to achieve your goal? In better words: what do your employees need to achieve the company goal? And how can you help them achieving this?

Rome has not been built in single day

And neither will your complete intranet. But if we can’t move the mountain, than let’s break it into pieces. We can define big chunks of workloads or processes and place them in a clear roadmap in a proper order based on your priorities.

Document Management

For example, bringing all your files and documents to Office 365 by moving a fileshare to the cloud, is a lot of work that needs proper attention. It is not necessary though, to dig into the details on this straight from the start. The foundation needs to be in order first. And that foundation is, correct, your intranet (and probably your search engine in the intranet…).

So, Document Management is one of those workloads. Where it is placed on the roadmap is to be determined and depended on other priorities. It’s probably number 3, after basic intranet and enterprise search.

Document Management in an intranet. Who knew. But yes, let’s bring all these workloads into one powerful intranet. One Single Point of Information, a SPI (pronounced as Spy, like 007).

Robust platform that helps

So, what you need is an intranet that is never finished. Let’s accept the fact that intranet is never the end-game. It is where it all starts. It starts as a change, it starts simple and it is where people start their work. Every day.

A single product can probably help you out on your basic needs, which are not so unique. A robust platform like Debble can help you with a rocket start and is able to work with you towards the eventual goal. What that goal is, is up to you. Once you have set the goal, we will help you get there.

Getting started with an intranet 12 steps

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