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  • Chantal van Velzen

Blog - The possibilities of Debble's digital ideas platform

Every company innovates in its own way. One has an entire department for innovation and in another company the management is responsible for innovation.

As far as we are concerned, innovation does not start or stop at a department or management level. We believe everyone has great ideas. Ideas that are often not mentioned or do not reach the right people. So valuable ideas and future innovations are lost. To boost innovation within every organization the new idea platform not only gives you the opportunity to collaborate on ideas but you can make challenges as well!

Digital idea platform

Debble Ideation is a digital platform on which every employee can share their ideas and suggestions. It offers the possibility to involve all your employees in company innovations. Employees who have a lot of customer contact and who work in the middle of the operation are the people with the best ideas. With a digital idea platform you have a simple and accessible tool on which employees can share their ideas.



In order to implement an idea, collaboration is of great importance. An idea alone is not enough. Within the idea platform we make sure you have everything you need to implement an idea. When you create an idea we create a collaboration space in the back. Now you can add a title, description and group members. Of course it is also possible to add relevant documents, image and links. In addition you can add a category so the right people can easily find you idea. Now you are ready to start innovation!


As in every team, there are different roles. This is also supported in Debble Ideation. Each idea has at least one 'Owner' and if desired you can also add a Coach to a team. Depending on the guidelines of your organization you can agree coaches are the leaders of the innovation and responsible for the success.

Promoot your idea

In the Debble platform we make use of likes. With likes, colleagues can indicate whether they find your idea interesting. In this way a selection can be made of the most popular ideas that, for example, receive support or budget from management. Do you want your idea to receive extra attention? That’s easy by promoting it on the frontpage in the slider. This creates more visibility and everyone will see your idea on top of the page.

Challenge your employees

In the new version of Debble Ideation we created not only a slider on the frontpage but we also added an additional functionality: challenges. With this functionality you challenge your employees to come up with improvement suggestions or solutions to a problem. For example, a challenge could be: “how do we prevent waste?”. Colleagues can now link their suggestions to this challenge, after which everyone can vote. In this way you create an innovation hub that works both bottom-up and top-down. To a challenge you link colleagues, documents and images. In addition you can add an end date to really speed up innovation.

innovatie challenge

Social interaction

As in all our products, interaction and discussion have an important role. With Yammer fully integrated in the platform it is super easy to get in touch with your colleagues. A very easy way to ask questions and share information about an idea, challenge or suggestion.

Statuses and categories

Manage and categorize ideas with statuses and categories. With this you have a clear overview and you can easily filter all ideas and challenges. You can also apply your own organization categories which makes it possible to link Debble Ideation to your internal innovation program.


Integration with other solutions

Do you make use of other Debble solutions such as Debble Workplace? Then you can use the Ideation Widget that brings the most popular ideas to the home page of your intranet. One integrated solution.


Of course you want to see which ideas and challenges preform best. In the reporting dashboard you can see the status, category, number of likes, comments, views and number of suggestions. Now you have one clear dashboard with the best ideas and contributors.

More information?

In case you would like to know more about the Debble idea platform you can download our comprehensive factsheet or request a demo.

about Debble Ideation

Debble Ideation is a solution within the Debble platform. Completely build in Office 365 and SharePoint. Everyone within an organization can generate ideas, develop, collaborate and execute. The total Debble platform consists of a set of integrated collaboration tools; Debble Workplace, Debble Create, Debble Ideation, Debble Editor and Debble Base.