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  • Martine van den Hurk

Blog – How personas help with the implementation of a new intranet

With the intranet you want to connect employees and teams and provide them with the information they need in their work. But how do you do that without knowing what information employees need? Read why personas can help with the implementation of a new intranet.

information requirements of employees

It is important to think carefully about the roles that are within your organization. In order to map this properly, we recommend starting with creating personas. Which roles are there? And what information needs do these people have? And how do they prefer to work?

Personas: sometimes it's good to think inside the box

Employees and positions are very diverse, but no matter how different they are, at the level of the role there are always a number of main groups to distinguish which share characteristics, needs and wishes. The trick is not to look at the organogram of the organization, but to look at who shares the same 'story'. You could also call this the 'ideal focus'; segmentation to better serve internal and external customers.

target groups within your intranet

Whether you already know the target group or you are still somewhat unfamiliar with the people you are dealing with; profiles and personas always help you on your way. The good thing about thinking in boxes is that you learn to look differently. You learn to stay away from assumptions and what you (or your department) think is the right approach. You collect, organize and use very specific information about the employees and then pour that knowledge into a format. This not only ensures that the information can easily be used in daily work, but also that a common language is created, which reduces the chance of (wrong) assumptions and miscommunication.

getting started with personas

When creating a persona you not only look at the 'hard' and measurable information that you have at your disposal (which devices does the employee use and how often, does he / she work mobile or not, etc.). Also get started with telling a story; sketching a context that makes it easier to live in this employee and understand what he / she needs. Note: a persona is always a fictional person!

Creating personas can help you with:

  • Simplifying the working methods and needs of employees in the organization
  • Translation of characteristics to a recognizable person
  • Communicate easily to different target groups
  • Translate the needs and wishes of the users
  • Identifying requirements
  • Adoption of new technology
  • Determine IT resources
  • Communication and training

the development of personas for your intranet

If you start using personas, this means that you want to change or improve something, this is when insight into your (internal!) customer is an important success factor. This can be, for example, improving a process, adjusting your communication strategy or the implementation of a new (digital) work environment.

Developing a persona you can think of the following topics::

  • General description name, age, how many hours per week
  • About me and my job
  • What do I like and do I find important about my work
  • What are my challenges
  • How satisfied am I ... (the current means / the current communication policy / the current process)
  • What are my top 5 activities
  • What resources / workplace do I use now
  • What else do I need
  • If I have to learn something new, I like to do it the following way

Learn more about personas?

We started working with personas for various clients. Do you want to know more about how you can create personas for your intranet implementation? Then contact us. We have developed personas especially for healthcare organizations. You can find this in this free guide (in dutch).