Intranet connects employees
  • Franck van Diest

Blog - How an intranet connects your workforce

Elevate your teams to higher levels by connecting them like never before. Connecting teams and knowledge is an important aspect of intranets nowadays. What is the role of intranet and why is connecting employees important? 



We are more connected, but losing touch

Every person holds a least 1 communication device that is connected with the almighty internet. Some of these are our company devices, some are not. It doesn't really matter because we are used to bringing our own devices. Myself, I refuse to use the company phone (it's Android, yek). No problem, everything works and I am connected. This is not always that common though. A lot of companies have a very diverse, locked down IT environment. As a result, the company can feel bigger than it actually is or has to feel. People cannot find people, let alone information and knowledge.

What a waste right? Becauwe let's be honest here, your workforce is your number 1 asset. Not just for who they are but for what they know, what they can share and how they bring value to your customers every day. Wouldn't it be great if they are connected in a way thay servces this best? Hm. Thought so.

So, what should be our obligation towards them then?

Connect your assets! Connect your workforce, make it easy to find one another. But not only that, let's connect the people to the content in your company, the knowledge that it represents. The individual skills of a person.

How your intranet can help here is pretty obvious we think. How can it be then, that a lot of companies struggle with this topic? Your intranet can help and should be set up to help to connect your workforce. Take a product like Debble Workplace for example. It is based on a powerful set of collaboration and content management tools from Microsoft. It combines the lot for you. It brings together people, knowledge, content, information and, to make that all useful: communication software. Build straight into this product, users can start interacting instantly via chat, video call, private call, email, social channels and so on. How cool is that? It is so easy and it brings you so many benefits.

Is this rocket science?

No, not for us. Let us help you with a great intranet that everybody will love to use. Let us help you by making your company feel smaller again.

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