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  • Franck van Diest

Blog - Connecting elements in Office 365

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That is a big word, convergence. What I mean by it is ‘coming together’. It can be applied to many current trends. For example, partnerships arise everywhere. Companies working together, bringing in their respective expertise. It brings forward the greatest combinations that are highly beneficial for the clients they serve. 

In this case however, I am referring to converging technology. We at Debble focus on the Microsoft collaboration toolset. By far the largest percentage of our implementations concern Office 365 scenarios. Microsoft is really pushing it these days. Bringing us great solution after great solution in one big, wide available platform. And they seem to pick up the pace.

Office 365 tools

Of course, this is awesome and good news for companies all over the globe. In the meantime, we also see users hesitating. Which tool should I use? Where do I focus on? Where to store my Documents? Maybe you recognize this, maybe not. We though, we feel it us our mission to liberate those who hesitate. We feel it is our mission to bring together all these great tools.

SharePoint, Yammer, Delve, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft teams, OneDrive, Skype, Planner. All of them powerful solutions. What combines the lot?

It is pretty clear that Office 365 Groups is transforming into a middle layer, connecting the several solutions and exchanging information from one to the other. Look at Microsoft Teams for example, that works great with the connection between Groups and Planner. What the sole purpose of Groups is in this particular image is not clear to everyone. In my experience thus far, it is fulfilling the middle layer role in this scenario. There is no real need to navigate to Groups whilst working in Teams. There is no mailbox in Teams, the timeline (Chat) is different from the one in Groups and the documents are stored in SharePoint. That leaves us with what? Correct, ‘just’ the connecting element. Just is between quotes because it is not just, it is massively important. It really makes it feel integrated in Office 365.

When we look at chat, there are now a number of options. Of course, Skype is the number one chat tool. Microsoft Teams however is introduced as Chat Based Collaboration tool (mainly to compete with Slack of course). Groups still houses the Exchange based chat functionality. And then there is Yammer, supporting both one on one and group chat these days.

I’ll admit, this all can cause some confusion.

Well then, what now? Shall we wait for Microsoft to solve this? That’s probably best. While we wait for it however, we will take care of you. We, the Microsoft Partner Network. Not every situation is the same, not every company is the same and not every team is the same. There is a fit for most of you on the current toolset.


At Debble, we are pushing ourselves to fulfil the mission: convergence. Bringing you clarity and sense in a somewhat confusing toolset. Maybe, just maybe, there is a connecting element missing at this point. Curious to what that will be? Keep watching us. Can’t wait? Reach out to us and we might just lift the veil for you…

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