Jack the carpenter
  • Franck van Diest

Blog - Jack the Carpenter about Digital Workspace

I once knew this guy named Jack. Jack was a carpenter; he builds houses out of the finest wood he could get his hands on. There was no man that understood wood like Jack. That is why everybody wanted Jack to build their homes, despite the fact that Jack was always late on his projects.

Because he was. Jack was always late. Until he met me.

On every project, Jack would start on a clear building site. He set up a table, laid out his tools, a coffee machine, some lunch and so on. Jack was highly organized and made sure everything he needed was right there on that table.

Picture the table: all his tools, a coffee machine and some lunch. Got the picture in your head? Looks organized right?

Now. Jack starts on building his project, a beautiful 2 story house, made from the finest oak wood. Inside, Jack made doors from the best North American Cherry Wood he could get his hands on. The first floor was done in no time. Now, Jack ascended to the first floor and he got slower, slower and slower.

Some day, Jack was working on a nice, handcrafted door for the master bathroom. He made it from cherry wood, with nice original ornaments. A that point, Jack needs his tools. First a hammer, then a saw. But his tools are laid out at the start of the building site. So Jack descends the stairs, grabs his hammer and walks back up. Then he walks back down, returns the hammer and takes his saw upstairs. Highly inefficient, right? And that is why Jack was always late on his projects.

One day, Jack was building my house and I watched him layout his tools at the start. I watched him walk that stairs over and over again. One day, I walked up to the guy and asked: "Jack, why don't you where those leather tool belts so you don't have to walk that stairs all day?".

And that is how Jack the Carpenter not only became the best wood craftsmen that walks the surface of the northern hemisphere, but also the one that delivers on time because of his efficiency.

Actually, this is a story about the Digital Workspace. The way Jack is working with his tools, placing them at the start and constantly walking back and forth is just stupid. Why do we see so much Digital Workplaces with Quick Links to a users' tools on the frontpage only then? Why is that a requirement at so many companies?

Tools are very rarely used at the beginning or the end. You use them during your work.

When you create your Digital Workspace or the requirements for one, think about Jack when you think of Quick Links.

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