Innovation platform Debble
  • Chantal van Velzen

Factsheet - Debble Ideation

Innovation is essential for business continuity. Drive innovation by allowing your number one asset to share and develop their great ideas.

With Debble Ideation we offer a platform in which employees can generate ideas, create challenges, collaborate on ideas and bring their ideas to life! Challenge your people and innovate by getting the best ideas out of your greatest asset: your workforce. 

In this factsheet we list all the functionalities of Debble Ideation, show you what it looks like and describe all the technical requirements. And of course Debble Ideation is 100% mobile.

innovation ideation set

Digital idea platform

So in short, with Debble Ideation you can:

  • Create ideas and challenges
  • Develop your ideas and collaborate with coworkers
  • Share documents, images and interact in social conversations
  • Connect ideas and challenges with categories
  • Organize ideas by giving them a status and adjust it to the internal innovation program

Download the factsheet

Download the factsheet and read all about Debble Ideation.