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  • Franck van Diest

Whitepaper - 11 pros and cons to a standard social intranet solution

Launching an intranet that matches your organization and supports your business is important. But, will you implement a custom intranet or a standard software solution?

We made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of a standard social intranet. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can make the right choice and provide their personnel and processes with optimum support at minimum cost.

Learn everything about:

  • Costs of a standard intranet vs custom
  • Freedom and possible restrictions of a standard social intranet
  • Functionalities, restrictions and requirements
  • How it effects the implementation process, adoption and going live.

Download whitepaper

A custom or standard intranet? Make the right choice with this free whitepaper about the advantages and disadvantages to a standard intranet solution.