office 365 intranet: 12 steps
  • Chantal van Velzen

Whitepaper - 12 steps to a social intranet in Office 365

The social intranet has outgrown the virtual bulletin board of yesteryear. Today, it is a fully-fledged digital workplace that supports every task. Read in this whitepaper how you can realize this in 12 steps.

The social intranet is the place where employees can find their applications, documents, knowledge, co-workers, news and more. Many organizations want to replace their old intranet with an intranet in Office 365. Doing so offers many quick wins and optimally supports modern teamwork, enabling them to get more out of their workforce. Interested in starting successfully? 

Read in this whitepaper the 12 tips to make a flying start. 

Get started with a social intranet in Office 365 in 12 steps and download the whitepaper. It is available in English, Dutch and German.