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  • Franck van Diest

News – New Personal Apps for Debble Workplace

We have been working hard on the new release of Debble and in this article I will tell you everything you need to know about the new Personal Apps we add to Debble Workplace.

The new apps all use Microsoft’s Office Graph. Therefore they are only available for Office 365 customers. Below I will give you an overview of the new apps and explain them briefly.

My appointments

This new app shows the appointments you have with 1 other person or more straight from your Outlook calendar on the Debble frontpage. Now you see on your homepage what your day looks like!


Adding skills to your personal profile is very valuable for your co-workers. By doing this you and your colleagues can find that one colleague with the skill you need. But how many times do you view your own profile…? With this new widget we leverage the Machine Learning from Office 365 and show the skills of the co-workers around you. The intelligence of the platform helps you to complement your profile with skills. Besides adding skills to you profile you can also search for a skill directly.

Debble intranet apps   


A great step in our goal to make Office 365 more connected is the notifications app. This app shows notifications on your frontpage. The notifications can be about documents that are shared with you, messages on Yammer you are mentioned in, etc.

Personal links

Do you use a lot of weblinks in your daily work? And is your browser full of bookmarks and useful links? From now on you can add them to the homepage of your Debble Workplace with the personal links app. It’s super easy to add a link. You add the URL, give it a name and there you go. You have added a link! To keep everything structured we show the image (favicon) of the website automatically.

More information

Would you like to know more about the personal apps, our bimonthly product update or would you like to see Debble for yourself? Just contact us or request a demo directly.