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  • Chantal van Velzen

News - Boost innovation with Debble Ideation 2.0

Innovation is important. Moreover, it’s an indispensable part of the organization strategy. To stimulate the innovation process and involve all employees, we created a new version of Debble Ideation! 

With our digital idea platform you can involve employees in the innovation process. Even better, the platform is where innovations begins. We believe everyone has great ideas. Ideas that are often not mentioned or do not reach the right people. This is how costly ideas and future innovations get lost. To give innovation within each organization a real boost, we are launching the new digital idea platform: Debble Ideation 2.0.

How does it work?

Start an innovation by creating an idea. Then add a description, colleagues, documents, images and links and the innovation process can begin. With Yammer integrated in the platform, colleagues can discuss the idea. It’s also possible to ‘like’ an idea. It is important because the number of likes can determine whether an idea has sufficient support for further implementation. Create more visibility for an idea? This can be done by promoting an idea on the front page in the slider.

From idea to innovation

To develop an idea into a real innovation you need to collaborate. Within the Debble Ideation platform we create a collaboration space as soon as you create an idea. Now you have everything you need to realize an innovation.

innovation ideation set

Challenge your employees

In version 2.0 of Debble Ideation we added challenges. With this feature you really challenge your employees to contribute with suggestions for ideas for a problem or innovation proposal. For example: how can we improve our customer satisfaction? Employees can add their suggestions or ideas to realize this. Then everyone can vote for the best suggestion. Also add an end date to really speed up the innovation process.

Of course you can search, sort and categorize ideas. In addition Debble Ideation is integrated with our other collaboration solutions and 100% mobile.

capture ideas. drive innovation.

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