Mobile intranet app
  • Chantal van Velzen

News - Debble launches new Mobile intranet app

With the new mobile intranet app we take Mobile to the next level. With the native Debble app you can engage your employees no matter where they are.

 With organization news, personal news and most read news your employees are always informed about the latest news. But it gets even better. The app also allows you to connect with colleagues by bringing ‘colleagues’ to your phone. Call, text or e-mail them instantly without adding all your colleagues to your phone book.

Intranet app

The Debble News app is included in a Debble intranet subscription. We set things up according to your branding and corporate look and feel. It is even possible to upload your very own app to the App Stores with your own name, icon and loading page.

See the app for yourself

Have a look at our 1 minute video to see the app in action!

Add extra functionalities

It wouldn’t be a Debble app if it wasn’t possible to add additional functionalities. So we developed a flexible app which makes it possible to add other functionalities. If you want to use the app for other purposes you can get in touch with us and we will think along with you and come up with a suitable solution.

More information

Would you like to see more? Just contact us. We are happy to assist!

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android.