Intranet analytics
  • Chantal van Velzen

News - Insights in intranet data with new dashboards in Debble

With the new Debble intranet dashboards in Power BI we give intranet managers insight in their intranet data.

With these dashboards organizations have insight into their most important intranet information. In this way, intranet managers have the insights that help them to improve the relevance of the intranet. The dashboard can be installed as an additional add-on on Debble.

The advantages of insights in intranet data

Precisely by analysing information, intranet managers and communication professionals can tailor the information on the intranet even better to the needs of the user. By analysing which news items are well read on the basis of subject or author, you have insight into the news preferences of users and you can improve the relevance and quality of the content. In addition, you can use information about the device or the performed searches make the intranet more user-friendly. For example, by creating a separate information page for the most wanted topics.

Types of intranet dashboards

By default, the dashboards package provides insight into:

  • The most read news on the intranet
  • The most visited pages on the intranet
  • Popular searches
  • The most used devices
  • The country or location where the most people are logged in.

More information

Want to know more about these dashboards or see them live? Feel free to contact us and we will gladly give you more information.