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The intranet is not your endgame. It is the front door to start your everyday work.

Personal Apps with relevance for all

Add Personal Apps to the frontpage of your intranet. A user decides what can help in his every day work. Grasping information from other locations of the intranet and even other applications. Debble includes a number of apps but this feature is very useful to add your companies specific apps with relevant data and information.

Intranet personal apps
Intranet apps integration

Bring information from other systems to your intranet

Creating your own apps for the frontpage of your intranet is the first step to creating a Digital Workplace. Connect other systems to your intranet and bring your users a portal they want to use because it helps them in their work. With the option to easily add information from other applications to the frontpage you give your users a personal and relevant portal.  

The toolbox that’s always there

To work faster and have everything you need at hand all te time we created a toolbox that’s always there: the Debble Launcher. Organizations can add apps and links that are relevant for every user, personlize the app offering and users can add their own apps and links. For example if you are a marketer and you use CRM, Google Adwords and Analytics you can add these links in your toolbox and access them from any place in the intranet portal. Add a customer set or integrate with Citrix Storefront, Microsoft, SecureLogin and other.

Intranet office 365 apps

Integrated Office 365 apps

The advantage of the tight integration with SharePoint and Office 365 is not only your portal becomes faster and you use the most of the solution you already have. A very important aspect is you can use all native Office 365 apps Microsoft is offering and access them from your intranet. For example Outlook Online, OneNote, Delve, Planner, PowerPoint Online, SharePoint Online, Sway, Stream, Video, Tasks, Teams, Word Online, Excel Online, Agenda, Flow, Analytics, Forms and Yammer. 

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