Debble Create

Maximum flexibility and freedom on top of your out-of-the-box intranet

Our products are packed with features out-of-the-box. In some cases however, it may be necessary to add specific site templates and features. We present to you: Debble Create. A powerful toolpack with the basic ingredients already included! With Debble Create we give you the freedom to add whatever you want to your out-of-the-box intranet.

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We make SharePoint a better place

Debble Create is not just a building tool. It also provides a very slick and intuitive interface to end-users when creating new sites in SharePoint. An interface that people understand and encourages them to start using your Digital Workplace!

Time to take control. Time to get Debbled!

Debble Create Wizard

Debble is packed with features

Create custom SharePoint sites

Create new SharePoint sites fromt scratch or on top of one of our standard solutions. Fit right into Microsoft's best practices and recommendations. Create works with our Remote Provisioning Framework, making it cloud ready and available on-prem.

Flexible Mega Menu already built in

We added a responsive mega menu to Debble Workspace. You manage your menu in a central place, making sure users can find their way around. Of course, the menu is fully multilingual so it can be translated into your users' native language.

100% native SharePoint

As all our products, Create is built in native SharePoint and fully integrates with the Office 365 stack. Applications like Skype for Business and Yammer are integrated to empower collaboration and communication.

Unique widgetzone already built in

Put your users in charge of their own frontpage. With the intuitive drag and drop widget zone, power is really in the hand of your users. They can easily add or remove widgets from a personalized store. This store can also host your own company widgets, retrieving data from other applications.

Social engagement built in

Social Collaboration keeps getting bigger and bigger. We bring you the power of Social, straight into your workplace. Generating a place for Social discussions in Yammer is automated in the Debble product stack. We've built this in Create for you as well.

Document Management

Management of documents can be a real pickle. With Debble, you get control of your documents. Debble Create makes it very easy to replace solutions such as Fileshares and Quality Management Systems with a superb SharePoint solution that fully integrates with your Digital Workplace.

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Take advantage of proven solutions

Amazing Design

Our product is built around your users. Bringing lots of enhancements to SharePoint and (finally) clarity on the confusing Office 365 toolset.

Easily extendible

With Debble Create you easily add astonishing custom templates. We're getting close with our products but still, one size does not always fit all.

Social by design

Connect your users wherever they are with mobile ready social features built into the platform. Everybody has a voice, let's hear it!

Real SaaS solutions

Our team provides regular updates with improvements, new features and that follow Microsoft's changes. And of course, support is included!

Built for every company. Start with a 30 day trial.