Debble Ideation

An ideation platform to drive innovation by empowering your users to share and develop their great ideas.

Innovation is fairly easy, you just need great ideas! Why not look at your number one asset: your workforce. Get them on board and let them share and develop ideas. Together, as a team, your workforce is capable of so much.

With Debble Ideation you can now offer a digital platform in Office 365 and SharePoint where users can add ideas in seconds! For every idea, a collaboration site is created. Anyone else likes the idea? Join the team with a click of a button, it's that easy!

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Sharing ideas has never been easier

Get rid of the old metal idea box in the lobby and start innovating today! With a clean and consistent UI, Ideation will fit right into your Digital Workplace. Creation of Ideas is litterally done in seconds, in a compelling and user friendly interface.

Debble Ideation

Debble is packed with features

Create ideas in seconds

In order to get participation from your business, ease of use is essential. That is why we have invested a lot in the creation process. Or, in better words, get it as short as possible! Creating an idea or question litterally just takes seconds.

Not just ideas, but questions as well

Not everybody holds the answer to each question. That, however, can never be a reason not to ask the question! That is why we support posting questions as well. Other users can post ideas to the question. The best idea can be implemented. Now, that's driving innovation!

100% native SharePoint

As all our products, Ideation is built in SharePoint and fully integrates with the Office 365 stack. Applications like Skype for Business and Yammer are integrated to empower collaboration and communication.

Collaborate on ideas

Debble Ideation is more than just an idea box. For every idea that is posted, a collaboration site is created. Here you can upload related documents and images. Joining a team is easy as well, just hit the button "join" and you're part of the team!

Social engagement

Social Collaboration keeps getting bigger and bigger. We bring you the power of Social, straight into your workplace. For each idea and question, we create a Yammer feed for you, automatically, so you can discuss the topic in an open and interactive manner.

Discover and follow up on ideas

In one clean and user friendly landingspage, all postings come together. Here you can search for ideas, use filters or follow up on your own ideas with just one click.

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Take advantage of proven solutions

Amazing Design

Our product is built around your users. Bringing lots of enhancements to SharePoint and (finally) clarity on the confusing Office 365 toolset.

Easily extendible

With Debble Create you easily add astonishing custom templates. We're getting close with our products but still, one size does not always fit all.

Social by design

Connect your users wherever they are with mobile ready social features built into the platform. Everybody has a voice, let's hear it!

Real SaaS solutions

Our team provides regular updates with improvements, new features and that follow Microsoft's changes. And of course, support is included!

Built for every company. Start with a 30 day trial.