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Customer Feenstra

From a family owned business to one that works as a family

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Debble Intranet and app

A warm collaboration

The terms ‘trusted advisor’ and ‘strategic partner’ are often used to describe a collaboration in which the IT partner not only rolls out a solution, but also has an advisory role and thinks hand in hand with the organization at a strategic level. For Jeroen Bakker (Feenstra), this is very clear regarding the collaboration with ETTU and Debble: “Our collaboration doesn’t end with the adoption of Supporting my employees in the best way possible is a process that never stops. An external partner is necessary, because looking at things from your own perspective does not provide you with all the essential insight.”



When it comes to technological innovation, Feenstra is the leader of its industry. In order to achieve its high quality of service, more than 750 technicians are on the road every day. But how do you stay in contact with all these people? How do you make sure they always have access to all relevant information, everywhere they go? And most importantly: How do you ensure that all knowledge and internal communication is shared in one central place?

The solution


The main reason to implement the social intranet was to be able to reach the 750 technicians that do not have access to a laptop, but instead reach all information using an iPad or smartphone. Sharing knowledge within a big organization is a challenge, especially when this organization consists of multiple locations. By using a social intranet, everything can be found in one environment. Information is easily searchable and shareable; from a product guide to the latest internal news.

Customer Feenstra


Compatibility was very important in the search for the right solution, because Feenstra uses various devices that run different operating systems. With Debble Workplace it is possible to provide the user with the same experience at any time, from any location and on any device. Users can easily log-in and with just one mouse click they have access to all relevant information. Besides that, Feenstra makes much use of Onedrive synchronization. Because of this employees can also have access to documents while being offline. Both Skype and Yammer make it possible to simply and quickly communicate with each other. Employees can chat directly with one another, make a call or video call, or simply ask a question to a larger group of people.



Field staff, office managers and the management; everyone uses the social intranet in the same way. The value of the intranet is determined by the extent to which each employee adds knowledge and uses the solution, in order to work together as one team. This environment provides you with the link to all your necessary applications, with which you can begin your daily work. is more than just a database of information; it's a way of working.

Feenstra Jeroen Bakker

"After the implementation of Debble we noticed an enormous growth in the usage of our intranet, right from the start."

Jeroen Bakker, Internal communications, Feenstra

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