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Connecting 17 countries in one Digital Workplace

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Hero Group
Debble Multilingual intranet

This is how you successfully connect 17 countries in one Digital Workplace

There has been written a lot about intranet, digital workplaces and how to implement it. Everyone knows the standard pitfalls but it is still hard to successfully implement a platform that employees actually use. The challenge is becoming bigger when multiple cultures, brands, languages and geographical spread are part of the project. So, how do you realize a project with so many different challenges?

In this case you will read how Hero Group dealt with this. As a partner Debble was closely involved with the project. Based on this case we will explain how you successfully implement an (international) intranet.

The challenge

Dispersed teams

Through acquisitions of other brands Hero had grown enormously international. You can imagine that this brings challenges. The different local brands (e.g. Semper in Scandinavia, Schwartau in Germany and B’tween and Jam in The Netherlands) each have their own language and culture. They join forces in the Hero Group. Because of this sharing knowledge across borders is much more important than before. So, how did Hero deal with this challenge?


Connecting employees globally

The first thing Hero did was starting an umbrella program with the main goal to connect al these countries, brands and identities. With the United Local Heroes program (ULH) Hero wants to connect its brands so they can:

  • Reach their common goal (United)
  • So all local employees and brands retain their strength (Local)
  • And to make every effort to achieve the best for the customer (Heroes)


A platform that has it all

For the platform, the most important requirements were: 

  • The intranet needed to be a part of the operating model and the communication and IT strategy
  • Preserve the own identity and language of the countries
  • Build around the user


100% SaaS

Nowadays, everything is changing so rapidly that organizations are not able to keep their platform up to date themselves, let alone developing the platform further. For Hero this meant that the starting point for their new collaboration platform should be a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in Office 365. The solution needs to offer flexibility for specific wishes such as international knowledge sharing, keeping their own identity and communicate in different languages.

By choosing SaaS the organization can focus on their business and they don’t need to worry about the technics.

Hero Group Bas Kemperman

"With Debble we have a full serviced intranet solution which we can extend with templates when we need to. Now we can really focus on our business users."

Bas Kemperman, Office 365 Competence Center Manager, Hero Group

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