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A succesful and secure intranet in Office 365

Project Details

Debble Intranet

A secured collaboraton platform in Office 365

Working together in accordance with NEN27001? Mortgage specialist Quion proves that this is possible with a modern and digital social intranet platform in Office 365.
Quion supervises the management of mortgages and consumer credit for reputable banks, insurers and other national and international financial organizations. She helps her customers so that they in turn can serve their end customer successfully.

Quion is a real knowledge organization. The mortgage processes are constantly changing and it is therefore important that employees can secure and share knowledge. For this Quion was looking for a platform that fully works within Microsoft technology. With the social intranet, Quion has a modern digital platform on which employees can collaborate and share knowledge. Quion has opted for Debble Workplace in Office 365.

Because Quion is a financial service provider, the safety of the platform was obviously a priority. Quion manages about 60 billion in mortgages and this contains a lot of privacy-sensitive information. That is why it is essential that the platform is safe and Quion can continue to work in accordance with NEN27001.

Discover in this video phase how the social intranet of Quion came about and the experiences of users.

"The platform was up and running in no-time and we experienced a great collaboration between all partners which helped a lot in a succesfull realization of our new social intranet."

Miranda Spaans, Internal Communications, Quion

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